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GU's Permanent Mission
of the Global Safety

Global Safety of Nations and their People -
together we protect, save, rescue and empower lives

Over the past few decades, the frequency of disasters has been increasing with a rise in natural disasters as well as conflicts and wars resulting in millions of victims of death and displacement. This is pushing million’s of people into poverty and/or psychological isolation annually. The GLOBAL UNION & its GU-GHCF implements very impactful projects in an effort to impact the lives of the Nations and their People globally. This will also include protocols that will assist as preventive measures in reducing negative impacts on the population and on refugees. This may include projects to provide professional continuing education courses and certificates to improve the lives of refugees by improving their chances of finding jobs that will sustain them and their families.

Permanent Mission’s Safety in Protection and Security of Populations, Property, Environment & Preventing New Crises

To assist nations and their people in need and to help protect them from natural- and man-made disasters, criminal actions, threats and revolts and to support them with humanitarian aid, protection, education, integration, together with innovation. Preventing the outbreak of new general conflicts, crises and wars, too, is equally important – for you, with you, for all.

We help them with preventive measures, humanitarian aid, protection, education and training, to help prevent such events from happening or to mitigate their impacts. In every country we support the development of national civil defence, protection/security, medical care & rescue and educational structures and enter into conflicts and/or other negotiations with our neutral diplomatic mediation solutions which lead to a neutral defusing of the situation and encourage cooperation and mutual solidarity between them.

We recognise the need for the GU's neutral 24H emergency centre (stay-ins permissible) for preventive as well as curative operational, security, rescue and/or observation, investigation and/or intervention activities. In order to drive cost and deployment efficiency in this area, as a globally neutral body it puts together the necessary specialists tailored to each case.


As well as improved support in the recovery of war material in war-affected regions and its destruction, so that children and adults can enter their territories untroubled and not always live in fear of the next loss, and in order to avoid refugee flows and preserve their culture, and establish preventive humane re-treated refugee protection zones.

This is in order to consolidate sustainability, stability, safety and peace – as together is better...

Permanent Missions Additional Safety, General Administrative, Finance & Donation Areas

Additionally, we assist the nations and their people and, in direct cooperation with GU's GHC Foundation, support specific humanitarian & protective projects which serve humanity. We seek innovative ways to achieve these goals, and to protect financial donations, eliminating corruption as we use them to maximum effect. We assure you that your donations will be completely integrated in projects designed to protect and help.

We help with prevention activities, for you as the donor & for you in need, that non-admin expenses are covered by your donations and don’t just go into the wrong hands (only non-corrupt activities are accepted). In this regard we have established a system whereby your general public donations and national contributions can flow through us, respectively, through the GU-GHC Foundation fund structure and you will be able to observe (by you through us, and as such also on site) that 99% of your donation & contributions reach the carefully approved GU's and its Permanent Missions humanitarian aid & protective projects and as such indeed do serve humanity.

In this expanded mechanism, we are also committed to developing more efficient and stable administrative and operational structures, and to integrating them into the affected governmental, institutional and/or commercial sectors.

In order to guarantee the preventive protection of the country and its people, we also stand up for and, together with the affected governments or affected investors, as a neutral body, take on the negotiations between the cabinets  as well as in other situations with third governments, certain companies and investors, so that a fair balance can be negotiated for both sides and exploitation can be prevented – recent times have shown that if we just watch and do nothing this situation often leads to certain civil wars and/or criminal activities, since one party or the other wants to take back what they have lost or show that they are ahead – and so often the general population suffers as a result.

This in order to consolidate sustainability, stability, safety and peace – as together is better...

Public Initiatives


GU's Permanent Mission of Global Public Initiatives

Global Initiatives, Campaigns, Tasks & Directives
- only together is better, for you, with you, for all

Global Initiative, Public Letter, against racism, crime, violence, corruption 
- for new laws & guidelines, peace & growth




CONCERNE – OPEN LETTER FOR ALL : Its not just words that people say on the Escalating Situations in the USA and other countries – this is a letter of action, impactful helpful, tasks and solutions for you, with you, for all – as only together is better as we are on this globe as ONE … 

Honorable Global State Members, Your Excellencies, &
Dear valuable Population around the Globe,

                                         We are globally united as one, all black lives matter, as a matter of fact all lives matter and not everything can be solved just with money – Crime, violence (incl. domestic violence), corruption and war not only destroy people, property and environment, but also society, values and their minds, hearts and souls, leaving behind long-standing pain and suffering – so stop the race ...

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