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GU's official guide and Permanent Mission to the global safety of nations and their people. Together we provide a sustainable impact to protect, save, rescue and empower lives.

GU's Sustainable Solutions and Tasks

Permanent Mission of THE GLOBAL UNION & GU-GHCF to the global Safety of Nations and their People
GU's Ministries and direct included Departments for preventive and curative measures

GU's Ministries & Departments

”Without safeness a human can neither develop his powers nor enjoy the fruit of them; For there without security there is no freedom.“

From the German Savant and Statesman

W. OF HUMBOLDT (1767-1835)

GU's Priorities on its Mission

A balance in every sector of solutions & tasks is a sustainable plus ultra 

GU's Stable Balanced Priorities

It can't be only a climate change...

THE GLOBAL UNION, and the GU-GHCF that is part of it, was founded to unite the nations of the globe under its global leadership – to facilitate new innovative and sustainable structures, protocols, recommendations, directives and projects which serve humanity in all aspects covered by administrative and organisational, as well as operational and finance domains; things waiting to be implemented in different states, both in the public and private sectors.

In pursuit of the goals included in the Mission Priorities, the GU & GU-GHCF are now applying a new efficient and balanced structure in the pursuit of the agenda, which also includes "women’s voices together with men’s voices".


The eight sectors (which you see visualised) in GU's main focus, "foreign affairs, civil defence, civil protection, humanitarian aid, education, innovation, human rights, peace", are also a symbol of global continuity and stability – and since other sectors are also directly linked to the eight sectors in focus, the balance is indeed a balanced one, leading to stable and sustainable changes and results.

This also requires a good and new innovative, sustainable financial structure which will benefit the world’s states when they are united, and their population; it’s all part of serving humanity. With its fund structures and its neutrality, everything is held and managed through the non-profit GU-GHCFoundation, which is part of GU.

Dear national & international population, it is important to look at climate change, but not to devote the majority focus and resources to it - we cannot ignore other problems, like crime, poverty, etc., and leave the affected people almost to their fate – only with a balanced, sustainable and efficient structure, and faster ways of doing things, can we achieve the goals together and thus automatically contribute to climate change.

Over the past few decades, the frequency of disasters has been increasing with a rise in natural disasters as well as a rise in conflicts and wars resulting in millions of deaths and victims of displacement.

This is pushing millions of people into poverty and/or psychological isolation annually. GU & GU-GHCF, with its permanent Mission, implements high-impact projects in an effort to impact the lives of states and their people all over the world.

This will also include protocols that will assist as preventive measures in reducing negative impacts on the population and on refugees.

This may include projects aimed at providing professional continuing education courses and certificates in order to improve the lives of refugees by increasing their chances of finding jobs that will sustain them and their families.

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GU's President, Members & Bodies

GU's Members & Bodies - Neutral for You

Built for global efficiency and sustainable stability

Your GU's Integration Women & Youth Voice

GU's First Lady and Presidential Head of the global Women & Youth Association, Equal & Peace Affairs. H.E. FL M. Kaya. Elected for seven and a half years.

Her Excellency The First Lady of GU.jpg

Your GU's Committee Workshop
& Your Input

GU's max.



GU's & its Permanent Mission's
PRM's participate together with CMM's
and elected additional members of their countries, to prepare solutions & tasks
to be decided & implemented.

Your GU's Highest Lead & Decision


GU's & its Permanent Mission's President & Prime Minister of in the global office, H.E. Sir F. Houmard.

Elected for sixty years, and he holds
the highest right of veto.


Your GU's General Session Decision & Your Vote

GU's & its Permanent Mission's GSM's participate at the General Session and additional Sessions, at least once a year. Only by Presidential invitation and voting right.

GU's Delegation Visits


GU's max.


GU's & its Permanent Mission's Presidential Office Member and

Minister of Innovation, Digital & Education, H.E. H. B. Diab. Elected for seven and a half years.


Your GU's Parliament Drive & Your Vote

GU's max.


GU's & its Permanent Mission's

PRM's are elected through their country's parliament or directly elected through a vote acknowledged at the POM's Office. Each of them receive a voting right.

GU's History and Milestones

Global Union's Future - Its Your Future 






Your future
2020-2022 .....





Your GU's History -
for you, with you, for all

2016 is when it all began, when H.E. Sir F. Houmard (elected President of the global Office of GU and its permanent Mission) was invited to ICDO's HQ in Geneva, Switzerland; after the first exploratory talks he negotiated a few changes and proposed new structures to be implemented.


He thinks and acts, in a very cost-effective way which also benefits his fellow human beings (especially in such authorities and at the same time integrated auxiliary help structures) – but also because of the globality factor and the need to stand completely neutral at the level of public exposure – to let the three structures grow directly out of one structure.

2017 – the follow up. The GU (including GHCF) is an international independent supranational-intergovernmental organisation and igov. foundation registered at the Swiss Federal Department for International Foundations and Organisations, established by order of the International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) Member States and its partners. However, it acts independently at the international level, in a global supranational-intergovernmental and neutral manner.


As it was already able to incorporate neutrality with its future member states’ national fees and future more general public donations at the time of its founding and development in 2017, the GU (including its igov. Foundation) was carried out neutrally by an original donor, T. Roth of abacon Sicherheits ag. (no funds were donated or supported by the ICDO).

GU's Symbols, Flags

Design and Meaning of the Elements

GU's Flags – let’s talk about the design in detail

GU's Flag is not just a flag in the wind – the GLOBAL UNION's and its permanent Mission's main and additional logos and flags and stamps have become its symbols as it remains neutral throughout the world while implementing its increasingly efficient, stable and sustainable solutions & tasks. The symbols reflect and speak different languages and ways to unite the world’s nations under its global leadership, the aim being to serve humanity and to protect, save, rescue and empower lives.

It was personally designed by the President of GU's & its Permanent Mission's global Office, updated by a team of volunteers at the professional design workshop and approved by GU's Delegation.